30 Nov 2008

Travesty: Bush to receive 'International Medal of Peace' on 20th World AIDS Day

For the man who is leaving national and international wreckage strewn about, this is incredible. And to top it off, the award will be presented by megachurch pastor Rick Warren. President George W. Bush will be presented with the “International Medal of PEACE” by Dr. Rick Warren on behalf of

30 Nov 2008

Floods & Farmers: The Strange and Unexpected Impacts of Auto Bailouts

A local GM dealer insisted on paving farmland to build a showroom for oversized pickups, a classic case of refusing to admit that water runs downhill. Could bailing out the Big 2.5 produce better floodplain protection by ensuring that patents for new automobile technologies remain in US control, thereby driving a new ethos for corporate citizenship?

30 Nov 2008

Exterminate the brutes

Shorter Bill Kristol:

30 Nov 2008


Ohio State freshman Justin Higgins writes at PJ Media explains why the kids don’t want to party with John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner:

30 Nov 2008

Late Late Nite FDL: BuriedFed

From Brooklyn, Oregon, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, will ease the transition from holiday relaxation back into the daily grind.

30 Nov 2008

Great Big Barrels of Sexist Stupidity Here, Folks

A couple was caught making out in the bathrooms at the Metrodome last week. They were attached, but not to each other. The guy gets high-fives, the gal loses her job. This is wrong in so many ways.

30 Nov 2008

One Last Thing for Bush To Do

There’s a reason he’s known as William the Bloody.

30 Nov 2008

RIP Tanta

“Tanta” from Calculated Risk passed away today. Thanks to her for helping us through this troubled time.

30 Nov 2008

Laissez Faire Zombies

Old ideology still stalks Obama on the airwaves.

30 Nov 2008

We Loved Her Way Back When

More than one year ago, before she became a Big TeeVee Cablefest Host, Rachel Maddow produced a revelatory segment of her “Campaign Asylum” about the GOP presidential candidates’ appearance among the Wingnutty Wingnuts of Wingnutville — the Values Voter Summit, where a choral group performed the lovely re-purposed composition “Why Should God Bless America?”