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Who Knew Ken Duberstein Was Black?

You remember Ken Duberstein? He’s the member of the Off the Record Club who set up a meeting between Richard Armitage and Bob Novak so Novak could coax the Valerie Plame leak out of the loose-lipped Armitage. He’s your classical Washington Republican insider.

Back in the day, Duberstein was a political advisor to John McCain (more so in 2000 than this year). I last mentioned Duberstein when I outtamyarse speculated he might be one of the two sources–presumably Charlie Black was the other–using more leaks to Bob Novak to push McCain to name a VP back in July.

It didn’t happen.

Well, now Duberstein is joining the growing stampede away from John McCain–arguing that the selection of Sarah Palin proves that McCain has crappy judgment. I suspect with Duberstein–who cited Powell’s endorsement as one factor that influenced him–this stampede is going to get a lot bigger between now and Tuesday.

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