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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

Put a fork in ’em. John Sidney McCain III and the Republican Grand Old Party have nothing left in the tank except for tired platitudes, creaky rhetoric, moldy and discredited policies, racism and anger.

Just four years ago, the right wing GOP was full of hubris and was bellowing of their dominion over American politics, their coming permanent majority, and discussing on what nominal terms they should allow the Democratic party to even exist at all in the future. Now they are nothing but a freak show of carnival barkers, sideshow clowns and carny hangers on like "Joe the Plumber".

McCain, and the GOP as whole, is in a time warp. The economic system is frayed well beyond the edges, the base of the real economy – jobs – is contracting at an alarming rate, and people are losing their homes left and right. They are still pitching tax breaks for the rich and deregulation. The world has bitterly turned on the US as a result of overzealous militancy in power projection, read incessant war, and the Republicans and McCain push for more of it. History is being made by a man of at least partial color who transcends color in an almost color neutral fashion, and they are relentlessly hawking the election in terms of racial strife and distrust, arguing that their fellow Americans are not American at all. This act was tired and divisive when the ultimate shill, Ronald Reagan, pitched it in 1980; now it is just pathetic.

Who are these monsters dancing the Time Warp? Let’s have some Halloween fun and have a discussion about who among the cast of McCainiac and GOP ghouls would be what character in our own little production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So far, I have Karl Rove as the evil Dr. Frank N. Furter and John Sidney McCain III as Rocky Horror, the monster (McCain does lurch around like a stiff after all). I want really bad to have Sarah palin be janet, but it just doesn’t work I don’t think. Maybe Palin is Magenta!

I have an inkling that all my casting agent friends and family here at the Lake can do a far better job. Have some fun! We will also be adding some cool photos from Miss LaLisa Derrick live from the freak show down in West Hollywood a little later. One and all should post any good and scary links, videos, etc. in comments. Party On! Excellent!!!


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