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Legacy Admissions why the GOP is losing.

John McCain hates the Elite but thanks to public schools many of us here at the Lake are better than George Will with Classic Quotes if we want to be.
Also I can easily think of over twenty people here who understand economics better than the entire GOP brain trust.
But hey McCain went to the Fancy Navy College, Bush went to Harvard they should know better than us how to plan a war, manage an economy, save New Orleans, Invade the right country to get Ossama etc.
So what is the problem?
Legacy admissions to college for the undeserving Elite.

The Powerful GOPers who fear and insult Smart People who are moderately successful enough at Real Jobs to enjoy Starbucks once in a while.
Thanks to legacies admissions to college the GOP elite have gotten a free ride to jobs in business,Government and if John had his way as a young man the military.
Ironically when race based college admission was thrown out because people were pissed that dark people were getting into college with lower test scores than they had.
(Never mind that minority schools often spend less per pupil getting them ready for college) legacies with lower scores were not also excluded.
The result George Bush the first President who had *cough* earned a Harvard MBA has given us the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
Mr bottom of his class McCain is now losing to the head of the Harvard Law review.
Oppression only works if all opportunity is crushed.
I hope Obama addresses the in equality of public school funding. I myself am proof they work I’m tired of the GOP dissing my old teachers who did a very good job!

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