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Confessions of an undecided voter

This Tuesday around 7:00 pm pst, well after all the polls close back east, I’m going down to the voting booth to either:

1) Vote for Barack Obama to protest the evident fixing of the 2008 election by the Republicans and their electronic voting machine maker benefactors. If Obama wins narrowly I’ll vote for him still, because even a four point Obama win means that the GOP Vote Theft machine came sort of close to another coup d’etat, and is well-oiled to steal another 5 to 10 million votes in the next cycle.

or, in the case of an Obama landslide,

2) Vote for Cynthia McKinney to protest Obama’s FISA vote and what appears to be his lukewarm interest in investigating the crimes committed by the soon-to-be-previous administration. I fear that Obama’s "bi-partisan" outreach will preclude a full return of this country to the rule of law, which can only occur when those who blatantly violated hundreds of laws under the color of ultimate authority are subject to rigorous investigation, indictment and prosecution.

If I vote for Obama, I’m going to give him 100 days after the inaugural before I start jumping on him. His first order of business: initiate the overturning the Patriot Act.

If I vote for McKinney, my honeymoon with President Obama and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party goes one week after the election.

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