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American Torture: “The Law and Morality of Interrogation” — Kiriakou and Kleinman and Amnesty International

Last night, Georgetown University and Amnesty International hosted former CIA analyst John Kiriakou and Col. Steve Kleinman for a discussion about counter-terrorism and justice "The Law and Morality of Interrogation"

Kiriakou is now managing partner of a global corporation which specializes in competitive analysis, international business risk analysis, and -who could have anticipated- Hollywood consulting for movies based in the Middle East or focusing on terrorism. But prior to that he was in the CIA (from 1990-2004). Originally an analyst, he was in counter-terrorism operations and led the raid that captured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Pakistan.

Speaking out against the use of torture was Col. Steve Kleinman, retired AF Reserve. He was a career Military Intelligence officer who spent 25 years in Human Intelligence and SERE. The former director of the Combat Interrogation Force, he is now a consultant. Col. Kleinman testified before Congress against the use of torture on a number of occasions.

Although believing that 90% of the time torture is useless and even counter-productive, Kiriakou holds on to his 10% and thinks we were justified torturing prisoners right after 9-11, and that it’s OK to torture now and apologize later. And even though the information obtained was dated, he states that the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed prevented the major attack that Osama bin Ladin threatened after 9-11.

Col Kleiman makes the case against torture, to him there is a difference between what is true and what is thought to be truth.

Here is the link to the symposium.
I found the Q&A most enlightening and perhaps more revealing than intended.

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