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87% of LGBT Alaskans Prefer Obama

Eighty-seven percent of LGBT Alaskans are voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, according to a poll conducted Oct. 23-30 on Bent Alaska.

The most recent Harris poll reports that LGBT voters in America prefer Obama by 81%. Bent Alaska’s LGBT voters – who live in Sarah Palin’s home state – support Obama and Biden by an additional 6%.

Gay Alaskans also favor democrats for Congress: 90% of LGBT Alaskans prefer Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich for the US Senate, and 89% prefer Ethan Berkowitz for US Representative.

Begich is challenging Sen. Ted Stevens, who was convicted of seven felony counts on Tuesday. Berkowitz is running against Rep. Don Young, currently under federal investigation for corruption. Both of the Republican Congress members have dismal records on LGBT issues.

The full story is on Bent Alaska:  

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Bent Alaska

Bent Alaska