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Hilary Rosen on the Situation Room framing Prop 8

There hasn’t been a lot of attention in the MSM given to Prop 8 (or the AZ or FL amendments), so this opportunity by Hilary Rosen to frame the issue on CNN was a great one. Here’s the transcript:

BLITZER: When Californians go to the polls on Tuesday, they will be asked to voted on an initiative to amend the state’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

Let’s discuss this and more in our “Strategy Session.” Joining us, our CNN political contributor Hilary Rosen — she’s an editor at large at — and Republican consultant and CNN political contributor Alex Castellanos.

Guys, thanks very much for joining us.

Hilary, is this Proposition 8, as it’s called, which would ban same-sex marriage in California, is it likely to pass or not pass?

HILARY ROSEN, CNN POLITICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Well, the polls are neck and neck. But it’s important to — for people to understand that the California Supreme Court essentially said that the equal protection clause of that state’s constitution protects gays and lesbians, including the right to marry.

So, what this proposition does, it — it actually amends the state constitution to take gays and lesbians out of the equal protection clause. That’s why people are so up in arms about it. It — it would be the first time you would actually amend the constitution to take rights away from people.

BLITZER: The — the governor, the Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alex, he says he’s going to vote against this Proposition 8. He doesn’t think — he doesn’t support such a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

What do you think’s going to happen?

ALEX CASTELLANOS, CNN POLITICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think — I think this is a different year. You know, Californians did vote 61 percent against gay marriage.

But, this year, you have got Barack Obama — not only Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Barack Obama — who’s opposing it, and he is on the ballot this year. And he is right now at 60 percent in the polls in California. So, I think this year may be a different year for that ballot proposition.

BLITZER: We will watch that on Tuesday as well.

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