Enough is Enough

This is our first diary on Pam’s House Blend, and we would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has helped tell the truth about ACORN in this crazy election season. We have found ourselves thrown into the national spotlight, and, truth be told, this kind of publicity comes with a price. There have been great stories  in the national news praising ACORN’s dedication and success organizing low-to-moderate income families for social justice in 40 states across the country, but ACORN has also come under partisan attacks about its voter registration campaign, which often misstate or omit important facts. It’s past time to set the record straight.

Bertha Lewis, our new Chief Organizer, took a few minutes to thank everyone that has stood by us these past few weeks as Senator McCain viciously attacked ACORN and tried to discredit the work we are so proud of–helping nearly 1.3 million people register to vote, including 450,000 first-time voters. This was really no surprise to us-the GOP’s predictable tactics were bound to emerge in an election where so many people will be voting for the first time, and the Republicans have so much to lose. Check out her video on You Tube, at (

People who follow blogs like this one know what is at stake with this election. You know that voter fraud does not exist, and that the only threat to the integrity of this election is the GOP’s voter suppression strategies.Even Stephen Colbert has rallied behind us, putting a hilarious twist on a not-so-hilarious issue.

So, thanks for standing by us in this difficult time. We invite you to check out to learn more of the truth about ACORN and what we are really about, and take a few seconds to watch the video about ACORN, voter registration, and voter suppression made by Brave New Films. You can find it at.  Tell a friend. 10,000 people have already signed our petition to let Senator McCain know that enough is enough.  

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