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Malia Obama: 'don't interrupt my favorite TV shows'

Kids are really direct — tonight Barack Obama will air a 30-minute commercial on major networks, and Michelle Obama went on Jay Leno to talk about their daughter Malia’s concern that daddy was going to pre-empt her favorite show.

“So he’s describing this to my mother.  We’re at the kitchen table.  And Malia sort of overhears it.  She’s 10.  And she says, ‘You’re going to be on all the TV?’ She said, ‘Are you going to interrupt my TV’…He said, ‘No, we didn’t buy time on Disney and Nick.’  And she said, ‘Oh, good.’  And she got up and walked away. She was just like, ‘Don’t mess with my TV.'”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding