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Bush Legacy: Homeless Children

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. An unbelievable nine of 10 U.S. workers are losing sleep over their financial worries, according to a new study released this week.

No wonder. It seems some 30 percent of working families with children earn less than the cost of the basic elements of a decent, no-frills living standard in the area where they live, according to new data by the nonprofit Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

Too bad no one thought to survey some children. It seems more and more of America’s children are homeless. In wealthy Fairfax County outside Washington, D.C., which in recent years boasted one of the nation’s highest average income levels, homelessness among students is up about 25 percent from last year, and last year’s figures were an increase from the year before, according to First Focus, a Washington, D.C.-based nonpartisan group. As ABC News writes:

"Kids in greater number are coming to school who probably haven’t eaten breakfast. Who don’t have access to a washer and a dryer. Who live with fear," explains Karen Fessler, a school official in Cincinnati, Ohio. "How important is a long-division problem when they don’t know where they’re going to sleep tonight?"

In recent months, the media has asked Bush about how he views his legacy—our future.

They should visit a few homeless shelters. And ask the children.

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Tula Connell

Tula Connell