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Senate Races Overview

Predictions would be far above this firedog’s paygrade. This diary is meant for those interested in just getting up to speed in the Senate Races

Currently at 51 Seats which include Bernie Sanders (VT) and ugh, Lieberweasel.

Expected To Win:

VA. Mark Warner up by 32 over Jimmy Gilmore (John Warner’s seat)

OR. Jeff Merkley up by 7 over Incumbent Gordon Smith

CO. Udall up by 10 over Bob ‘I love Abramoff’ Schaffer (RNC pulled cash from state)

NM. Udall up 19 over Steve Pearce

NH. Jean Shaheen up by 10 over Incumbent John Sununu

Closer, but Expected Dem Wins

NC. Kay Hagen currently up 3 over Incumbent Liddy Dole

AK. Mark Begich currently up 2 over Incumbent Toobz (post conviction polling will tell us more by the end of this week – teehee)

Wins in the above races gets us to 58

Now the nailbiting begins . . .

MN. Al Franken up 3 over Incumbent Norm Coleman (dfh’s love Franken’s ‘trending’ numbers)

. Saxby Chambliss up by 2 over challenger Jim Martin (MOE is 4 pts)

KY. Mitch McConnell up by 3 over challenger Bruce Lunsford (MOE is 4 pts)

Dem challenger Ronnie Musgrove behind 3 of Repub Roger Wicker (MOE 3 pts) for Trent Lott’s old seat

Two More Possibilities:

ME. Incumbent Susan Collins up 12 over challenger Tom Allen (MOE 4pts) some still think Congressman Allen can ride an Obama tidal wave

TX. Incumbent John Cornyn up 10 over challenger Rick Noriega (MOE 4 pts) many think Cornyn could suffer incumbent fatigue – wouldn’t even be a race if DSCC had done the right thing)

The smart kids (538/kos) say we should get two more out of the "nailbiters"….giving us the Magic 60

Taking three of them would relegate Lieberweasel to the remnants bin

A mere 180 hours to go.

Stay Tuned

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