Pumping up the party

Robert Stacy McCain  sees the future of the Republican party:

I saw the Republican Party today, standing in line to see Palin at Shippensburg University. The line stretched for more than half a mile — people waiting outside for hours on a windy 40-degree day — and though the doors opened more than two hours before the event, security still wasn’t able to get everyone through the metal detectors by the time the rally began. Let’s see Buckley or Kathleen Parker or Ken Adelman draw a crowd like that. 

With apologies to Jon Landau, I saw rock and roll’s future and its name is Hannah Montana:

Tickets for the Best Of Both Worlds Tour have been selling out for every show, with many shows selling out in just five minutes or less. Many tickets for the shows can then be found almost immediately after purchase on eBay, StubHub, or other secondary markets selling for well over the face value of the tickets. The Arkansas Attorney General’s office said, “All hell broke loose with Hannah Montana. The tickets were gone in 12 minutes and when people turned around, they were selling at online sites for sometimes as much as 10 times the face value.

Two years from now, they’ll both be in rehab.

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