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Dianne Feinstein: Vote NO on Prop 8, I am.

Dianne Feinstein released a new ad today for the NO on Prop 8 campaign.

"In my lifetime, I’ve seen discrimination, and I see it again in Proposition 8. 8 would be a terrible mistake for California. It changes our constitution, eliminates fundamental rights, and treats people differently under the law. Proposition 8 is not about schools or kids — it’s about discrimination, and we must always say no to that. No matter how you feel about marriage, vote against discrimination, and vote NO on 8."

Thank you, Senator Feinstein, for taking a clear and public stand against Prop 8.

You can donate here to help NO on Prop 8 keep this new ad on the air in California, where Dianne Feinstein is the most popular politician.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge