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Hello Blenders – I have been doing a lot more Twittering lately (I like that it updates here, Facebook, and in a few other feeds). I have a few announcements and comments, in no particular order…

1. Doesn't Pam just rock – that team of 8 Against 8 is amazing. I continue to be so proud of my Bloggrrl.

2.  My very good friend Mario is very involved in volunteering and in making sure people get to vote on election day. He has been in the trenches and will be keeping me up to date on the shenanigans in his area (Conn and Penn) next week.

3. It was so incredible to be a co-host of the Live Blogs during the convention and the debates. For those of you who know N8nyc from the chat room and from the Blend, we are going to take the online fun one level further – we will be at the Half King on November 4, Election Day, from 7 pm on. It's a great venue in NYC that has framed pictures of Obama all over. They will be piping the election results throughout the evening on all of their speakers that night. I was lucky enough to secure a bar booth. Let me know via the Tips email if you want to come!

It's so close folks, and such a lot is at stake. Has anyone been hearing any more about the US Army civil unrest training?

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Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp