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Say NO to Amendment 2- Do your pART

The SayNo2 Campaign, the bi-partisan effort to defeat Florida’s dangerous Amendment 2, is offering an exciting merger of art, activism and Amendment 2.  result_file_page1_image4.pngFamed artist Xavier Cortada has created a custom work with the names of the first 1,000 donors to the campaign. The work, titled “Justice is an action verb,” was unveiled last week at a Miami reception.

The original work is being donated to the permanent art collection in the Stonewall Library in Broward County and only 500 prints were made. Now, the campaign is offering a very limited number of these prints to Florida Red and Blue/SayNo2 supporters to commemorate the efforts to defeat Amendment 2.

These striking prints are 24×36 and they will ship one to you for a contribution of $50.02. A very limited number of prints signed by Xavier Cortada are also available for a contribution of $150.02. You must include the $.02 so they know when you give on-line that you’d like your “Justice is an action Verb” print.

So give to a great cause, get a great piece of art, and get involved!  

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