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Murtha’s Under Heavy Fire and He Needs Help

He’s not progressive at all, in fact he’s usually on the wrong side of issues we care about. He’s not a Blue American candidate, not even close, in fact he’s the opposite of what Blue American usually endorses. This is strictly a "Ian" post, not an FDL or Blue America endorsement in any way.

But when it came time to step up on the war, Murtha did it, and he did it under heavy fire. It would have been far easier for him, far safer for him, to have laid low and kept supporting the war, or even to have opposed it in a low key way. Now he may pay the price, not just for that, but for daring to say the obvious, that Western Penn has a lot of racists. Stupid thing to say politically, but once again, Murtha called it as he saw it. More guts than a slaughterhouse, we used to call it. Americans say they want politicians to tell them the truth, but here’s the truth, telling the truth is bad for your political health.

If you want to support Murtha, you can do so here. A ton of outside money is rushing into his opponent, William Russell, seems only fair to even the ground somewhat, especially as Murtha is short cash since he spent most of the year fundraising for other people, not himself.

(Update: just to clarify. I think if he’s being hit specifically because of the war and racism, and he is, then he deserves our support. He shouldn’t go down because he stood up for us without us supporting him. Sends the wrong message "stand with us, and we’ll abandon you if Republicans go after you on it". Yes, he’s bad on everything else, but although he’s being hit on his pork issues, those aren’t the reason he’s going down.)

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Ian Welsh

Ian Welsh

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