After chaotic deliberations, the jury in the corruption trial of Senator Theodore Fulton Stevens (R – Alaska) has found him guilty on all seven counts of failing to properly report gifts on Senate financial documents. The gifts were valued at over $250,000 combined.

It is not a rarity that a Republican gets accused of a crime. It is nice to finally see that one is being brought to justice and hopefully with more than just a slap on the wrist.

However, something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of Senator Toobz:

If U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska is found guilty of falsifying Senate financial disclosure forms over seven years but wins re-election, he could still serve in the Senate until that body votes to expel him.

Now may be a good time to donate some cash to his Democratic opponent, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich. Help take the trash that is Ted Stevens to the curb.

Mr. Stevens – your time has come. Your criminal behavior has caught up with you. Please accept your fate and fade away quietly in to the toobz.

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