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Palin’s Husband & Dad Unhappy About Crazed Male Attention

Sarah loves to give "thumbs-up" to the men at her rallies who think she’s HOT, but the men in her own life aren’t nearly so happy about the male attention she’s garnered.

While the GOP veepster nominee thinks it’s all harmless, a source high up in the McCain campaign tells me that’s not the case as far as her husband and father are concerned. ”Todd [Palin] is increasingly irritated by it all. He’s a very possessive guy and totally old-fashioned and traditional when it comes to his relationship with his wife, whom he adores,” said my source in John McCain-Palin campaign. ”

At a rally in Pennsylvania the other day, he left the stage right before Sarah’s speech — ostensibly to deal with an issue regarding their baby,” said the source. ”But actually, he was P.O.’ed about a couple of T-shirts and signs he saw in the crowd.”

Reportedly, Alaska’s ”First Dude” told a campaign aide, ”She’s running for vice president of the United States. … Even though these guys are in our corner, don’t they see this belittles her?”

• • As for Gov. Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, his displeasure about the racy T-shirts was nothing compared to his reaction when someone made the mistake of showing Heath one of the sexy videos (featuring a faux Palin) on YouTube.

”He hit the roof,” said my source. ”And frankly, you can’t blame him. After all, this is his little girl — no matter what.”

Showing any woman’s father a video that mocks his daughter in a sexual way is pretty low, but I guess they have different standards around the Heath friend-circle. "Hey, Chuck, look at this youtube!" doesn’t strike me as a way of being supportive of your friend whose family has been thrust into the white-hot spotlight of media and public scrutiny, with all the sick undertow that entails.

But, Todd, buddy? You do understand why the old fighter jock picked her, right? I didn’t hear you complain when McCain used to twist his wedding ring whenever they were onstage together. Which, by the way, we see less and less of nowadays.

Oh, and Sarah? Please lose the polar bear pin, lady.  It’s just insulting to all of us who know better, and reminds some who don’t that you think the bears are not endangered. 

{h/t KayInMaine} 

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge