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Lookin for Love in all the Wrong Places

Say you are the McCain campaign. You are short on resource, to the point that your campaign is conceding important swing states like Michigan and Colorado. Say you’ve pegged your last, best hope on carrying the handful of remaining swing states, despite the fact that you are trailing in a few of those contests. Say that in order to win you need to flip Pennsylvania from blue to red despite being ten points down in the polls. If you are the McCain campaign, what do you do with your dwindling resources in order to maximize your remaining opportunities? If your answer was, “send both McCain and Palin to Iowa,” you would sadly be correct. Both McCain and Palin attended a series of events in the state this weekend.

Iowa, home of the nation’s first caucus and a place where Barack Obama is ahead in the polls 52% to 39%, is where the McCain campaign has chosen to spend its limited time and resources during the waning days of the 2008 election. This is McCain’s fourth visit to the Hawkeye state in nearly as many weeks. Once there, he and running-mate Sarah Palin attended three separate events to rally support to help overcome their 13 point deficit in the polls.

The fact that McCain is spending time and money in Iowa is further evidence he, and his political team, have accepted the likelihood of a November loss. Their only path to victory lies not in Iowa but in Pennsylvania, yet in Iowa they remain? The reason for this is likely the fact that in four years another Republican will attempt to sway the voters of Des Moines and Davenport, and it would be unseemly for McCain to abandon the gracious voters of Iowa this time around. Instead he will try and leave the 2012 Iowa caucus voters invigorated by the positive image of a Republican fighting to the last. McCain’s hoping to sow his legacy into the fields of Iowa. By diverting much needed time and resources from his campaign, McCain is praying the next Republican in line (Palin?) can beat Obama.

In the mean time the Obama camp should continue to execute their “get out the vote” efforts while in the backs of their minds planning an acceptance speech because, if the McCain campaign is to be believed, Barack Obama is about to become the 44th president of the United States.

REMEMBER!!!! Obama only wins if you vote. So vote early, take a friend with you to the polls, and remind everyone you know that Obama will only win if you turn out and vote!

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Victor Maldonado

Victor Maldonado