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How about a plan to fix things

I propose a plan to get the Country back to work, get us off foreign oil and fix most of our problems all in one swoop. Sound to good to be true maybe but nothing happens unless someone proposes it first.
If our Government can come up with a trillion dollars plus at a moments notice to bailout everything they are talked into they can do this without blinking. I propose equil money invested directly into the Country and not to big money interests.
The reason we don’t have cars that use electric or other fuels is there is no infrastructure for them. If we set a two year plan to make this happen we can do it. First mandate the installation of pay to charge stations like handicapped spaces at all public places and pay for it. Second mandate that all service stations install pumps for natural gas, propane, hydrogen, ethanol,bio fuels and bio diesel and pay for it. Third start drilling for gas and getting the manufacture of these other fuel going. Forth tell the automakers to build these fueled cars. If they refuse tell them to get out of dodge, and back companies that will. Mandate that all the new cars be built in this country. Forth most of our present vehicles can be easily converted to these fuels so back companies to build conversion kits and do conversions. There are many companies investors and entrepreneurs who would gladly jump in and join the government in this plan if they saw it was a viable firm plan and was going to go on with or without them.
Waiting and hoping the automakers will do these things for us is a joke. They are still doing the same thing Henry Ford did when he started mass producing cars. They drive all our vehicles wheels by a central shaft which takes great horsepower, torque, and fuel to turn them. Drive those same wheels out closer to their outside diameter and use one tenth the power to do the same job. They would be against conversions wanting to build all new cars for their pocketbooks, and no consideration to ours or the countries good. They are not our friends. They have been moving the building of autos out of the country hurting our workforce and the country. Yet the are allowed to use our markets to sell those cars to us for bigger profits. This condoned by the ignorant people we send to congress. After two years any vehicle still made to burn gas or diesel should be slapped with a huge tariffs.
This would put the counrty to work and business would boom because not only would people and companies have to build and install all of this. Companies would have to supply the parts and equipment to do it. People with jobs buy houses pay their mortgages and spend money. A dollar as it works through the system is taxed at every hand it goes to making revenue for the Government. It would provide needed revenue to deal with other problems and maybe start paying down the debt. Those people and companies would need to use the banks and investments would start to look good again. The only hope for the housing market is to get people buying houses and the value start back up what better than a booming economy with everybody making money. The money to get this started is the best investment our government could ever make because it is the country and the country does so does the Government. It takes money to make money. Don’t invest and have nothing, invest and make profits is a proven way. If it wasn’t nobody would ever buy stocks or bonds start businesses or try to make profits.
Nothing ventured nothing gained is true. If our Government continues to sit back and wait for things to happen and does nothing we all suffer. The savings on money spent for foreign oil also would flow through out our economy as we used fuels of our own. Only a conservative would oppose this as they just don’t believe the Government should do anything for the Country. They don’t mind the Government doing for other countries or spending for big business interests, the millitary or even graft and corruption but oppose any spending that might do some good. Who really are anti Americans as they say others are?

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