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Gordon Smith’s Menu For America: Eat Sh*t And Die

11362160_4521e6a3b2_m.jpgThis week Matt Stoller served up the Sierra Club’s dish on Senator Gordon Smith’s massive veggie-packing business. Senator Smith’s very own Smith Frozen Foods takes in sewage from Weston, OR….and spreads the sewage water on the veggies they grow, pack, and ship off to your supermarket’s freezer. Smith Frozen Foods must love them their E Coli: they’ve even blessed us with E Coli in the packing plants’ water supply.

Kinda like carrying coals to Newcastle, but using stool instead.

Who cares? Well, anyone who eats frozen peas, corn, or carrots: Smith Frozen Foods makes one in ten pieces we eat. Yum.

Back to Stoller:

I just got a Sierra Club press release with some very gross information about Gordon Smith’s company, Smith Frozen Foods. Apparently, Smith Frozen Foods started storing partially treated sewage from the town of Weston into his company’s wastewater pond in the 1980s, when Smith was directly controlling the company. [snip] Here’s what’s not fine.

This water is then used to irrigate cropland, in violation of Department of Environmental Quality regulations. A mutual agreement between Smith and the [Department of Environmental Quality] indicates that this irrigation likely violated state regulations. [snip]

On more than one occasion, Smith Frozen Foods, the company owned by Gordon Smith, has violated Oregon’s laws against having coliform bacteria in their drinking water.

Gordon, two E Coli gifts in our Freedom Fries is just too much.

But wait: there’s more. Along with all the yummy "shit-germs" (including viruses, protozoa and bacteria … like that yummy E Coli) sewage treatment waste brings to our tables, Gordon’s Smith Frozen Foods just keep the toxic gifts coming. Pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals all end up in the sewage waste that local authorities sell off to fecal farmers like Gordon Smith.

That’s why sewage sludge used on our food crops turns out to carry both living shit-germs and non-living chemicals including heavy metals, pesticides, and hormones: toxins which harm us (and developing humans) even in miniscule concentrations.

Gordon, you shouldn’t have. Really.

Toxic sludge is NOT good for us.

And Gordon — neither are you.

[photo: iBjorn]

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