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Gun Counter Gomer wee-wee-wee’s all the way home that Barack Nat Turner Obama and his terrorist comrades are secretly planning to kill 25 million Americans in their sleep or while they watch American Idol (which, according to International Law would be justifiable homicide) and the kind of people who find Gomer a "right kinda smart feller" indulge in their own dark fantasies:

It’s not that Omaba is Ayers friend but they are of the same ideology and historically those who follow that system "need" to thin the herd more so than want to for their system to work….for awhile until the population exceeds their fiscal budget thats founded on oppressive over taxation and by that time the socialist government has morphed into a communist government and they need to rinse and repeat.

Anyone reading this site going to sign up for Obama’s Civil Defense Force?…just curious.


And we must know that this is a low-ball estimate. US pop at that time was probably about 200 mil so that would be 12.5%. No way. Even today with the documented enthusiasm for the outright socialist candidate there is no WAY so few of our fellow citizens would prove intractable to the moronic agit-prop of Ayersism and he certainly knows it. What was the butcher’s bill in the USSR? Are we LESS freedom loving here? Whatever, this cowardly puke yearns to bathe in the blood of the counter-revolutionary. So does Barry. WAKE UP PEOPLE! THIS IS A RACIST AND FASCIST AND HE IS PROUD OF IT!


People will be given a couple of years to adjust to what The One will be demanding of us. Then, about the time the next election would have been held, the Walrus will sadly turn to his Carpenters and order the liquidation of those who refuse to be reeducated. By that time, America will be so destitute that more Soylent Green will be a major priority.

The lucky ones will be able to swim to the relative safety and prosperity of Cuba using the inner tubes.


Turnabout is fair play. What are we to do with the incorrigibles who will not relent from their plans to destroy Western civilization? The ones who attack our freedom from within? These are psychopaths who will not be rehabilitated or alter their beliefs. Can they be deported? Exiled? Who will have them? What is the cost? When you are dealing with an implacable internal enemy, all available options must be considered. It’s purely a matter of survival. Morals do not enter the picture in these cases.


Anyone notice they are trying to clean up Ayers so he is acceptable when Obama puts him in charge of whatever Dr. Goebels was in charge of?

It’s like Stormfront for Bedwetters.

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