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Please BOYCOTT Journeys Stores Nationwide

Imagine my shock today while searching for news to come across a news video on ABC news about a customer getting a reciept for a returned pair of shoes that identified the CUSTOMER as a Dumb (insert N Word).  Imagine my further surprise to find out that the store is a NATIONAL CHAIN!  You can read my post on this here.  I am asking everyone to support a nationwide Boycott of this chain until they have published an apology, and taken corrective action.

Widening Journey BOYCOTT to Include ALL Genesco BRANDS!   

Just got off the phone with one Claire S. McGill who is Genesco Corporation's Media Contact. First, she promised to mail out their company Press Release to me immediately, and it is extremely light on content and substance considering the severity of the situation. More importantly, she FLAT OUT REFUSED to answer a straight forward question that I put to her:

“Are your cash registers used at stores such as Journey PRE-PROGRAMMED before being shipped to the stores?” I asked this question three times, and three times she said she would not answer, had NO COMMENT. Seems a fairly straight forward question that goes to the HEART of the reciept that was printed out with a RACIAL SLUR! You see, it has been alleged that the Racial Slur was one of several choices pre-programmed into the machine. If that statement is true, simply terminating an employee stupid enough to select the racial slur to identify the customer is not really the issue.

It is therefore suggested that the Boycott of JOURNEYS be expanded to include ALL Genesco Brands:

Journey's Inadequate Corporate Statement:

“While we are continuing to investigate this incident, it now appears that an employee in one of our stores entered highly inappropriate statements in a form used to process a merchandise return. Needless to say, such an act was not authorized by Journeys, and will not be tolerated. This employee has been terminated.

At Journeys, we pride ourselves on valuing and respecting every customer. We are shocked and sickened that a former associate could be responsible for an act so out of keeping with our culture and our values. We profoundly regret this incident.”

Claire S. McCall
Director, Corporate Relations
Genesco Inc.
615.367.8278 (facsimile)  

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Royce Penstinger