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Who wouldn’t want to see this face?

I know that you cannot judge a campaign solely by the numbers of people attending speeches, but Missouri is a critical state to both candidates, it is hard to believe there isn’t some significance in the dynamics of this.

On Saturday Obama spoke in St. Louis and Kansas City, between the two events, he attracted nearly 200,000.

Meanwhile, we have this scene in Columbia, Missouri yesterday:

The Republican presidential nominee from Arizona landed at the Columbia Regional Airport around 12:30 p.m. As McCain disembarked from the plane, a man yelled, "Go get ’em, John."…

A crowd of about 15 people assembled outside the airport’s fence to see him descend from the plane.

Okay, here’s a rule of crowd estimation. It is okay to say a crowd was thousands, or hundreds, but it can never be "about 15", if there are "about" 15, you’ve got time to get the number exactly right.

And how does this compare to the past?

In 2000, when then-Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush visited the airport there was a much larger crowd, Stuart said.


(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

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