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Time for Obama to step up to the plate on Gay Equality.

Via Andrew Sullivan:

A new SUSA poll shows Black Californians backing Prop. (H)8 58% to 38%, which would amend the CA constitution to change the definition of civil marriage to solely between a man and a woman.  This is by far the largest gap in any ethnic group and black voter turnout is sure to be at a record breaking number come November because of this historic candidacy.

All this makes it vital, in my opinion, that Barack Obama strongly and unequivocally oppose Proposition 8 in California, rather than keeping mainly quiet as he has done so far. We need him to make an ad opposing it.  This is a core test of whether gay Americans should back Obama as enthusiastically as they have in the last month. If he does not stand up for gay couples now, why should we believe he will when he is in office?

I completely agree with Mr. Sullivan and the Washington Blade who have called on Obama to do more.  I was young at the time that Bill Clinton passed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).  I have however read all about it and am paying careful attention so history hopefully doesn't repeat itself.

Polls are showing Prop. 8 statistically tied right now. Obama needs to prove that he is willing to stand up for his convictions and do what is right.

Marriage Equality is the civil rights movement of our generation and his actions could have a critical impact.

Memo to Obama: make an ad. Speak loudly. Defend equality. Defend it when it might actually lose you some votes. Show us you are not another Clinton.

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