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Greene County, OH Young Republican Lays Out Plan to Commit Vote Fraud

picture-48.pngAfter I noted that Greene County’s Republican attorneys were chasing down voting information on those who recently registered and requested an absentee ballot in that county, klynn found evidence of a "Young Republican" in that county laying out a plan to encourage vote fraud (in case that post disappears, I took this screen shot at around 1:38PM). The post claims that,

I’ve called all my friends in Georgia and Alaska (states that are clearly leaning Republican) and had them register to vote (using the local YMCA’s address) and to apply for an absentee ballot so the ballot will be sent to their homes in GA and AK.

In other words, this self-described Republican claims he (or she) was encouraging friends to commit vote fraud. Now, this post appeared just over a week before Greene County’s Sheriff got Mike DeWine’s buddy Stephen Haller to start digging up records on those who had registered early. So maybe this is why the Sheriff started investigating early voters. Or maybe this was just a plant to excuse such an investigation.

Sara explained why Greene County might have been a target for this kind of attention. 

Two major Historic Black Colleges are located in Green County, Central State University, which is Ohio’s Black Land Grant Institution, and Wilberforce University and Seminary, which was founded by the AME — African Methodist Episcopal Church back about 1845 or so. A former congressman from NYC is the current President of Wilberforce.

I can well imagine that Xenia saw lots of youthful voters during the early voting window last week, that ended this Monday.

A few miles outside Xenia, but still in Greene Country is Cedarville College, an Evangelical (I think Baptist) school with whom the DeVines have a very close connection — I believe both the former Senator and his brother are graduates. Cedarville is much older, but has close links with Falwell’s Liberty University and Robertson’s college operations. Lots of Cedarville students go on to study law at Regent’s. Lots of old connections with Blackwell’s operations in Ohio. [my emphasis]

Now, frankly, I don’t know what to make of this. Maybe this Young Republican is just talking out of his arse. Maybe the Republicans in Greene County are systematically trying to challenge the students at Central State and Wilberforce.

But given all the over-heated cries from the McCain campaign alleging voter fraud, you’d think they might spend some time checking into their own "Young Republicans" openly advocating vote fraud.

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