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Special Ed catches Jodi Kantor from the New York Times misrepresenting herself on teh internets to innocent tweens just like one of those Dateline predator episodes. As Ed explains:

Jodi Kantor apparently got so desperate for dirt on Cindy McCain for the tiresome rehash the New York Times published today that she tried suckering teenagers on Facebook into cooperating with her.  The McCain campaign released the contents of an e-mail Kantor sent to one of Bridget McCain’s 16-year-old classmates through the social-networking site.  Is this what “political correspondents” do?

You know, kids are pretty aware of all internet traditions  these days. I mean, for example,  it’s not like you can represent yourself as an African News Agency on the internet and get just anyone to believe you. You have to have to have a bulletproof cover story in order to insinuate yourself into people’s lives and get them to spill their most innermost secrets so that you can later humiliate them in a very public way.

Let’s watch as Jodi Kantor sells herself as sk8trgrl14nhawt@aol.com  in an attempt to get them to totally dish on the McCains:

I saw on facebook that you went to Xavier, and if you don’t mind, I’d love to ask you some advice about a story. I’m a reporter at the New York Times, writing a profile of Cindy McCain, and we are trying to get a sense of what she is like as a mother. So I’m reaching out to fellow parents at her kids’ schools. My understanding is that some of her older kids went to Brophy/Xavier, but I’m trying to figure out what school her 16 year old daughter Bridget attends– and a few people said it was PCDS. Do you know if that’s right? Again, we’re not really reporting on the kids, just seeking some fellow parents who can talk about what Mrs. McCain is like.

Also, if you know anyone else who I should talk to– basically anyone who has encountered Mrs. McCain and might be able to share impressions– that would be great.

Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

Jodi Kantor
Political correspondent
New York Times

That lying. Deceptive. Bitch!

"reporter at the New York Times" … "writing a profile of Cindy McCain" … "Again, we’re not really reporting on the kids, just seeking some fellow parents who can talk about what Mrs. McCain is like".

What a sneaky underhanded ploy; boldly explaining who you are and politely requesting the opportunity to interview someone for  information on a person of interest. The nerve of that person who 

"….gathers their information in a variety of ways, including tips, press releases, sources (individuals with newsworthy information) and witnessing events. They perform research through interviews, public records, and other sources. The information-gathering part of the job is sometimes called "reporting" as distinct from the production part of the job, such as writing articles. Reporters generally split their time between working in a newsroom and going out to witness events or interview people."

No wonder the EmmEssEmm is dying.

In today’s world very few people are so bold as to go around asking  questions of third parties and doing background checks and even those people sometimes feel that it it better to let sleeping dogs lie because ignorance is not only bliss, sometimes it can be a selling point.

Jodi Kantor should stick to rewriting talking point blast faxes; that’s where the real money is.

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