Well the Peter is back at it, banging his bible and his keyboard.  I think he is the only one on the right who didn’t  give a damn about William Ayers. But he seems deeply depressed about not seeing McCain and Obama debate Same-Sex Marriage.  But that is not all that has his boxers in a bunch.  He is mad that there are a sych thing as the Log Cabin Republicans.  But first to the debates.  Headline from his place, Another Presidential Non-Debate on Homosexual ‘Marriage’.  But he even went into the rest of the LGBT issues and lets not forget the BIG LIE that Pro-LGBT laws threaten religious freedom.

OK, now it’s official. In three presidential debates to help us decide which man – John McCain or Barack Obama – will lead this nation, the critical issue of homosexual “marriage” didn’t even come up.

 Add to that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the federal “hate crimes” bill and Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), homosexuality in the military, how “gay rights” laws threaten religious and other freedoms, and homosexual adoption of children.

 More after the flip.  

 Now I wonder what other freedoms he could be talking about?  My guess would be how he and his clan want to shut down any event that is not his view of christian.  And then he has this, Why are conservatives cooperating with the Left and the media in taking homosexual-agenda issues off the table? He blames it on GLAAD,

GLAAD’s intimidation strategy works: Have you noticed how even most “conservative” opinion-makers like FOX’s Sean Hannity have avoided or downplayed the “same-sex marriage” issue and other aspects of the homosexual agenda this year, even though marriage amendments are on the ballots in three states – California, Florida and Arizona – and homosexual organizations are ramping up their lobbying on Capitol Hill to end the military’s homosexuality ban?

 IMHO, I don’t think McSame/Bible Spice wanted to go into the LGBT issues part of the debate as McSame/Bible Spice need to get independent voters to vote for them. Maybe they think LGBT issues are winning issues for the Democratic Candidates.

 But that is not the only reason The Peter is mad, LCRs are fighting against prop 8 in California and The Peter is beside himself knowing that there are republicans who oppose prop 8.  Headline, Homosexual Group ‘Log Cabin Republicans’ Has Measly 20,000 Members Nationwide. So why are Republicans nationwide working so hard to court this activist gay group that opposes Prop 8 and the party’s platform on defending marriage?

 Just a Measly 20,000 Americans.  Wow what a way to talk about other people.  People like Peter believe they are god’s gift to god.  Why get mad at the child molesting priests, they only molested a measly 20,000 children. Put it this way and everyone is pissed off.  He wants to get the LCRs out of the republican party.  He has this posted,

Take Action: send this story to every Republican you know]

 And Peter leaves a message at the end, it seems there is a Spy in the yes on 8 crowd,

Coming soon:  Americans For Truth contributor Allyson Smith exposes San Diego Republican homosexual activist Ralph Denney’s double-dealing on same-sex “marriage” and California’s Proposition 8: Denney attends pro-Prop 8 meetings as a Republican – then turns around and helps his “gay” activist friends defeat this critical constitutional amendment to preserve the historic definition of marriage.

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