Yeah, the folks who said Obama played it safe were right.

But then again, McCain got a little rope and hung himself.

Senator McCain, I have a few questions for you:

You made repeated references to Autism and kept linking them to governor Palin. Governor Palin’s son is a Down Syndrome baby; to the best of my knowledge, he is not even old enough to have been diagnosed as Autistic—even if his parents had the time to take him to a doctor for an evaluation (which they have not, due to the campaign schedule).

So does this mean that you don’t know the difference between DS and Autism?

You oppose allowing abortions when the mother’s life or “health” are in jeopardy. You had the audacity to put “health” in air-quotes. You most certainly appeared to think that women would lie or otherwise manipulate the system to get late-term abortions on the grounds of their lives being in jeopardy . Here are a few questions on your statements for you on this one, sir:

Do you actually know anyone who has had a late-term abortion or a late-term miscarriage?

Do you have a clue how painful it is for the parents if they have to abort a child to save the mother ‘s life???

Have you even considered the fact that if late term abortion were illegal under all circumstances, this would lead to induced labor when ending the pregnancy is the only way to save to mother’s life—leading to smaller, sicker babies, with a higher likelihood of disabilities, and hospitals bill that could run well over a hundred thousand dollars for the smallest of the babies you would force to be born?

Have you ever lost someone you loved who died in childbirth? Perhaps before you take such a stance, you should look at the statistics on death during childbirth back before abortion was legal or in instances where the mother knows she is endangering her “health” by carrying to term, but chooses to do do anyway. Even when a mother who has been advised to abort due to “health” concerns chooses to carry the baby to term lives to tell about it, both mother and child can become permanently disabled because of it. My step-daughter has medical problems that will last for the rest of her life because at the age of 18 she decided to carry her baby to term in spite of the fact that her “health” was in danger; did you even consider that some mother’s will die and will be disabled if we don’t consider their “health”?

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Then again, you dumped your disabled wife for a trophy girlfriend, then you dumped her; eventually you ended up with you current beautiful, wealthy wife—who you just a few months ago called a “cunt” in front of a plane full of reporters; you told the joke, “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno,” on the record; again, on the record, in 1986, you told joke about a women being raped by a gorilla. Speaking of being cold and heartless to rape victims, you chose a running mate who opposes abortion (including emergency contraceptives) even in cases of rape and incest and, as mayor of Wasilla, made rape victims pay for their rape kits—while not expecting victims of any other crime to pay for collecting evidence. We already know your records on the way you treat women. So maybe we already have your answer: You consider women disposable and your running mate not only would make rape victims pay for their own rape kits, but if they became pregnant by being raped, she would force them to carry the baby to term. You claim to be against torture, yet neither you nor your running mate would hesitate to torture women. You, sir, are a hypocrite of the first order.

Frnakly, sir, Governor Palin’s and your combined positions on women’s issues are nothing short of reprehensible.

Equally reprehensible was your statement that you repudiated “all” violent, racist and otherwise offensive statements made by your supporters. That, sir, is an outright lie. In one case you took the microphone away from a woman who called Obama an Arab and countered with the weak defense of saying that Senator Obama is a “decent, family man”; in one case later that day, you told a man he was mistaken when he said he was “scared” of having senator Obama as president and you again defended Senator Obama’s character. And that was it. Your running mate accused Senator Obama of “palling around with terrorists”, and that, sir, you did not repudiate; people at your running mate’s rallies have yelled “take of his head!”, “Kill him!”, “terrorist” and “bomb Obama” and that, sir, you did not repudiate; instead you defended the people who come to your rallies! You have people holding up large signs that you could not possibly miss that say “Obama bin Lyin’ “written so that it brings to mind “Osama bin Ladin.” You had a racist man at one of your rallies with a stuffed monkey with an Obama bumper sticker on its head–and yet you say nothing to counter such blatant racism. And on the website of the California GOP website was this gem, “Waterboard Obama”!? You claim to be against torture, yet your GOP operatives want to waterboard Senator Obama and you fail to apologize for them?

Given the level of hatred, bigotry and misogyny coming from you campaign (yes, I said you and your female running mate running mate are misogynists), it has certainly become clear that you are the ticket of the hateful ignorant people and the heartlessly cruel.

Your performance in the debate, sir, also made it clear that your temper is a ticking time bomb, and your heart is filled with hate. Those do not seem to me to be the qualities I want to see in a president.

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