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Fox gets jiggy with Colin Powell; Joe the Plumber compares Obama to Sammy Davis

It doesn’t stop, huh?

As Jesus’ General says, “The Confederacy lives on at Fox News.” Here’s a screen cap of its web site:

And in similar news, unregistered-to-vote Joe the Plumber compared Barack Obama to…Sammy Davis, Jr (no lie, it’s about 3:00 into this CBS interview w/Katie Couric):

Neighbors were outside asking them questions and I didn’t think they were asking tough enough questions so I thought I’ll go over there. I’ve always wanted to ask one of these guys a question and really corner them to answer a question for once instead of tap dancing around it. Unfortunately I asked the question and still got a tap dance. He was almost as good as Sammy Davis, Jr. [Couric and others laugh.]

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding