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Special Ed:

Honestly, I’m rather surprised that Joe Wurzelbacher and his rope-line dialogue with Barack Obama has managed to stay in the news for as long as it has.  I knew when I first heard the exchange that it went badly for Obama.  I didn’t expect Joe the Plumber to be the main topic of the last presidential debate.  And I certainly didn’t expect Obama supporters to keep the story alive by their rabid character assassination of a man who did nothing more than ask a question — at random.


Joe the plumber was mentioned 11 times at the beginning of the debate, nine times by McCain and twice by Obama.

John McCain:

Republican John McCain said Thursday that Joe the Plumber, whose questions about Democrat Barack Obama’s tax policy became a centerpiece of the final presidential debate, was the real winner of the televised forum.

"Joe’s the man!" McCain said at a rally in this Philadelphia suburb as supporters chanted "Joe! Joe! Joe!"

McCain ad:

I’m sorry, who is keeping this alive?

Ed continues on:

And where’s the Tanning Bed Media on this topic?  Danny Glover lays it out:

Jonathan Martin of The Politico was among the first out of the gate, with blog posts noting that Wurzelbacher, affectionately known by most of America as “Joe The Plumber,” has a tax lien against him and doesn’t have a plumber’s license. Martin conveniently forgot to mention that the law doesn’t require one.) Bloomberg also has a story on the tax lien, and AP and The Washington Post did their part to make a story out of the “unlicensed” non-story.

Expect more of the same over coming days. In fact, don’t be surprised if all of those investigative reporters sent to Alaska after John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate suddenly get reassigned to the plumber beat in flyover country. Joe The Plumber must be discredited at all costs! …

But why is it that political reporters only get curious when a conservative Joe America storms onto the scene? Why aren’t they just as curious when liberals trot out, say, a 12-year-old boy to give a national radio address?

It has been almost a year to the day since journalists dropped the ball on telling America more about Graeme Frost, the boy who made the case for sinking billions of dollars more into the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. But when Michelle Malkin and other curious conservative bloggers did the legwork the press wouldn’t, they earned the scorn of their mainstream colleagues.


Indeed? Really? Indeed?

This guy disagrees:

However, the response on the Right sometimes outstripped reason. Rather than just argue the facts, some in the comments section here and elsewhere went too far in speculating about finances and motives of the Frost family. Certainly, their argument was fair game, as well as their claim on federal assistance, which is after all public money. The S-CHIP debate doesn’t just focus on the Frosts, though (and we find out that the expansion argument wasn’t even relevant to them). We have plenty of reasons to oppose the S-CHIP expansion that have little to do with the Frosts, and we should be focusing on policy, not personal anecdotes.

That was the old Ed before he started pulling down that sweet sweet Stalkin’ Malkin money. This is what makes him "special". And a hack.

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