Bring me the head of Joe the Plumber


I had kind of hoped to avoid this whole Joe the Plumber thing, but I now see that the "destruction" of Joe Wurzelbacher was part of something bigger; shutting up a source who could finally make the Ayers/Obama story explode in ways that Stanley Kurtz couldn’t imagine:

Congratulations, Obama!: Media’s Savaging of Joe the Plumber Causes Witness to Ayers-Obama Relationship to Get Cold Feet

The tip, and this is just a tip, but it’s coming from someone reliable:

The problem in this story is twofold. Without wanting to provide details, the story really needs a second source.

Tom Maguire? Buddy? Please answer my emails.

The second problem is that anonymity — no names, no pictures– is requested. He fears retaliation and harassment. And who knows — perhaps more.

Media may get away with going single-source on this, or anonymous sources, but not both single-source and anonymous.

So here’s the day’s twist: Believe it or don’t.

The source was considering dropping his demand for anonymity. Thus likely moving the story forward. (He wasn’t considering going forward with the Politico, by the way: but with the other, more important organization.)

And now, today? After witnessing Politico, among others, savage Joe Wurtzelbacher?

Cold feet.

The Politico has this story. They’ve had it for a while. They don’t want to run it with the guy’s anonymity kept intact.

Gee, I wonder why he wanted to keep that?

They’re willing to endlessly vet anyone who even asks Barack Obama a question, but not Barack Obama himself.

I can pretty much understand the media’s reluctance to allow anonymity — except for the fact that the media so gleefully engages in the witness intimidation that prompts the request for anonymity in the first place.

As of now, the story appears dead.

Wheels within wheels, man…

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