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A Good Sign

Ambinder reports:

The Democratic National Committee is waging a last minute injection of as much as $20 million into state legislative races in key states, hoping to take advantage of Democratic momentum this cycle.

A senior Democrat familiar with the conversations said: "We are looking at options, races, where we can be helpful, as we did in 2006. This is the time when some races pop."

DNC chairman Howard Dean has made it a priority to help Democrats win down the ballot, so that if Obama wins the presidency, Democrats will have a larger majority in Congress. But with states planning to redistrict their congressional boundaries in 2012, control of state legislative chambers is all the more important, people close to Dean said.

This is good for a number of reasons:

1. It means Barack Obama’s September fundraising numbers were really good. (Or the DNC wouldn’t be free to spend this way.)

2. Redistricitng will take place after the 2010 election. We need to control as MANY state legislatures as possible.

3. It is a real sign of confidence going into the home stretch. 

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