It’s hard out there for a Republican:

In 2002, Mr. Smith (Gordon Smith R-OR)  won every county in Oregon except one, Multnomah, which includes liberal Portland and its close suburbs. This year, with Democratic registration growing in Multnomah, political experts say Mr. Smith must win by even bigger margins in suburban and rural counties than he did six years ago.

Clackamas is one of those counties, but it is also one of several where voter registration has shifted in favor of the Democrats in the last year. Last December, the county had about 3,000 more Republicans than Democrats; it now has about 11,000 more Democrats than Republicans. The number of unaffiliated voters has largely remained flat.

“I was going door to door the other day and someone asked, ‘Why don’t you put “Republican” on these fliers?’ ” said Bill Kennemer, a longtime Clackamas County commissioner who is running for the State House as a Republican. “I said, ‘Because I don’t want to lose.’ ”

Republicans: Less popular than a Scientologist with a cold sore selling Amway door to door.

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