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The GOP/Media Complex: Still Chugging The RNC’s Kool-Aid

rnc-koolaid.thumbnail.gifWhile certain print-media folk such as Joe Klein have started refusing to pass on Republican talking points as news, most corporate media outlets, especially radio and TV ones, are still chugging the RNC’s Kool-Aid. Case in point: Their enabling of Republican efforts to turn the activist group ACORN into the latest Evil Democratic Demon of this year’s election cycle.

I woke up this morning to the sight of CNN and CBS’ morning shows competing to see who could show the most GOP-friendly coverage of the politically-motivated Ohio suit against ACORN. Meanwhile, I have yet to find a single Corporate Media report on TV mentioning either that:

a) ACORN must by law turn in all signed registration forms to the local registrars even if they know they can’t be for real (they try to point out to the local folk any bad forms they see)

b) John McCain, right up until this election cycle, wuuuuuved him some ACORN. So have many other Republicans.

Another thing you won’t find mentioned much, if at all, in the media outlets most Americans see (thanks to Mr. Sponge of The Cucking Stool)

If this were such a big problem, the Justice Department would have scores of prosecuted cases (especially considering the fact that the Bush Administration has made this a goal of DOJ)…yet, there are zero. Remember, this is the issue at the heart of why some USAs were fired by the Bush White House. They couldn’t find anything.

But you’ll never see Katie Couric or Brian Williams mention any of this in prime time.

This is why I call them the GOP/Media Complex, gang.

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