In a poll released today, Gallup reports that Obama beats McCain by a margin of 73 to 48 on the question of whether he understands the problems Americans face in their daily lives:

Obama understands

By a huge 25% margin, Americans believe that Barack Obama understands the problems they face. Given the ongoing poo-flinging from McCain and Palin, and especially given their concentration recently on the "palling around with terrorists" charge, this is an astounding result.

Even in the face of these withering attacks, Obama is seen as the one who understands the average person and what they face. From these numbers, it appears that about half the people who currently say they will be voting for McCain are admitting that Obama understands the problems they face. Because the number who say McCain understands their problems is so close to the number who favor him in current polls, it seems unlikely very many if any Obama supporters believe McCain understands their problems.

This bodes very well for November 4.

Jim White

Jim White

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