Due to a lack of time, I don’t watch a whole lot of teevee but when I came home last night the delightful and perky mrs tbogg was watching Rachel Maddow and I was able to watch this exchange with David Frum:

If you don’t know who David Frum is (and why should you?) he’s most famous for coining the comic-bookish "Axis of Evil" for George W. Bush and then promptly being fired when his dimwitted wife emailed all of her equally dimwitted friends in wifely pride at his achievement. Once this got out, Frum  simply had to go because President Bush is not only The Decider, he’s also the Maker Uppper of Sophomoric Names and don’t you forget it, Buster. Or Stretch. Or Turdblossom. Or whatever…

As you can tell from the clip, Frum is a Deeply Serious Man troubled by these Deeply Serious Times and he can’t understand why people are laughing at his party’s laughable candidate particularly at a time when the world is turning into poo. It could well be that Frum is down on the dumps because 

A) His party is going to lose big

B) Sarah Palin might become the Vice President and that scares the hell out of David.

…or it could be that Frum just has no sense of humor anymore. After all, if you had to go every night to a wife who wrote drivel like this:

Ladeezman42: aw man
Ladeezman42: look I KNO ur sore
Ladeesman42: k?
Ladeezman42: I.GET.IT.
Ladeezman42: things aint goin so well
Ladeezman42: but it aint cuzza me k?
Ladeezman42: this phony blak boyz bttr than we thot
Ladeezman42: thinks hes gna b the 1st blak prez
Ladeezman42: dude *I* wuz th 1st blak prez!
Ladeezman42: GOT IT?
Ladeezman42: aint no 1 gna take that away
Ladeezman42: & 4 sur no crackr gna stop th 1st chik prez neithr
Ladeezman42: aint gna happn

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…you might never laugh again.

Hell, there are methods of suicide that are less painless…



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