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And their heads explode

Brad DeLong rounds out the best conservative posts. My personal favorite:

Volokh Conspiracy:  Milton Friedmans work completely and totally debunks all of Krugmans – the committee noted Friedmans achievements in advising world leaders and seeing the positive results his theories had when actually used – Krugman was awarded a prize for calling someone stupid since late 2000. Friedman may also win a real Nobel prize in the future in Mathematics – something that Krugman is lacking sorely in his 1911 model T 10 pager with static labor, demand and other – almost impossible to forecast in the real world -variables.

The problem? From

Is it possible to nominate someone for a posthumous Nobel Prize?

No, it is not. Previously, a person could be awarded a prize posthumously if he/she had already been nominated (before February 1 of the same year), which was true of Erik Axel Karlfeldt (Nobel Prize in Literature 1931) and Dag Hammarskjöld (Nobel Peace Prize, 1961). Effective from 1974, the prize may only go to a deceased person to whom it was already awarded (usually in October) but who had died before he/she could receive the Prize on December 10 (William Vickrey, 1996 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economics in Memory of Alfred Nobel). See also par. 4 of the Statutes of the Nobel Foundation.

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