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The Black Blizzard

Last night, I watch a shocking program on the History Channel entitled, "Black Blizzard". Although I’m in my fifties I had never heard of the term all these years….

Following 1929, people were promised land in the West to start a life and work the soil…they flocked to the promised land and proceeded to plow up the natural grasslands to plant crops such as wheat. It sure sounded like a good deal… At the time, however, people didn’t realize the dangers of erosion. Everyone has heard about the "Dust Bowl"…in my mind it was always an image of drought and tumbleweeds…I didn’t realize that what it really resulted in were enormous, tsunami-like waves of top soil reduced to fine dust that enveloped the land as it moved eastward, choking the people in their homes all the way to New York..It was a man-made ecological event that lasted for four years.

Here are images of what transpired: Images

The point being…people were ignorant, desperate, and they were not warned. Today, we again are once again in a financial crisis with a simultaneously brewing, ecological nightmare. Another perfect storm….

I received a plea from Al Gore’s "Wecansolveit" in my email today. ABC is refusing to air their ad during 20/20 this Friday, and we can take action now. It seems that, once again, only those who stand to profit while exacerbating global warming can get their message out.

We know now, so many years later that climate change is a result of man’s actions.

Here is their plea and call to action.

Let’s keep getting the message out there and educate those that believe that we are not accountable.


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