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Right-Wing Blogosphere Conflates Official McCain Events And McCain Supporters With Random Shit They Find On Google

The Anchor Baby summarizes the wingnut pushback on the unmasking of the diseased Republican base:

The Obamedia is attempting to set yet another false narrative: The narrative of the McCain “mob.” McCain-Palin rallies are out of control, they wheedle. Conservatives are mad! They’re yelling mean things about Obama and calling him names! It’ scaaaaary!

Let’s talk about “insane rage” and “violent escalation.” This is insane rage — Madonna bashing Sarah Palin and shrieking “I will kick her ass…”

Did you see what AB just did? She went from “McCain-Palin rallies” to a Madonna concert. (Glenn Reynolds used the same tactic — an NHL game and an Obama campaign rally are the same thing!)

Um, since when do we hold Madonna concerts to the same standards of decorum as presidential campaign events?

It shouldn’t have to be pointed out to these wingtards, but Americans have come to expect that our presidential candidates be tough but civil? and we expect that their campaign will be conducted with a certain level of dignity. 

We don’t expect candidates to be introduced using the opponent’s middle name as a racial slur.

We don’t expect the rank-and-file supporters of presidential candidates—the people who have been in many cases hand-picked to attend campaign eventsto shout "kill him!" and "traitor!" at the opponent.

We don’t expect the candidate to have to yank the microphone from a bigoted supporter to chide her.

It’s unseemly and un-American. It’s not how we do presidential campaigns — unless you’re talking about Strom Thurmond or George Wallace.

And based on McPalin’s collapsing numbers, there’s been a price to pay for all of this unhinged anger.

No one’s buying the Madonna defense, guys. Try again.

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