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Ask your Senators to support diplomacy with Iran

(source: NIAC)
Thursday, April 17, 2008

There is new momentum on Capitol Hill to pursue a shift in US policy towards Iran. Most recently, Senator Feinstein of California added her powerful voice to this debate, calling for direct, unconditional dialogue between the US and Iran. (See video ). The support of the Iranian American community in California for her position was instrumental in her decision.

For other Senators to follow her lead, it is crucial that they hear from the Iranian-American community. In order for Senator Feinstein’s efforts to succeed, she needs likeminded Senators to stand by her, so that the new administration—whether Democratic or Republican—can have viable options for a new, effective US foreign policy on Iran.

At NIAC’s April 8 conference she re-iterated her support for an alternative to sanctions and war. The proposal, recently put forth by former senior American officials and nuclear experts, suggests a multinational fuel enrichment facility inside Iran under extensive international supervision.

Please take a moment to send the letter in the link here to your members of the Senate. With your input and involvement, your Senators can play an important role in shaping an effective and constructive policy towards Iran.

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