Will it stop global warming? Will it solve the health care crises? Will it rebuild the crumbling infrastructure? No it won’t. It will just allow these monumental problems to continue. When I run into people who might start with those talking points spewing from Palin and McCain, I’m going ask them if hate ever solved a problem.

It’s very clear to people who have been on the fence about the radical right and their fringe elements, that they can’t be ignored anymore in the name of some bull crap economic policy. The results of doing so have manifested in the problems stated above.

It also very clear to some of the same people that they have a choice, an unfounded fear shaped by prejudice or ignorance, or a very real fear of economic, social and environmental devastation. Rational people will chose to rise above it, and for those who don’t, they never will I’m sorry to say.

It’s a huge moment right now. One that represents a fundamental shift in the way people view the world. Look at the myths and stories of the past and you can see some of the enormous lessons that we have the opportunity to participate in, and create a positive outcome.

We can help slay greed and all that goes with it. I’d like to think it’s karmic, and we have this opportunity now work to change the dynamic that for so long has held some many people down. The moral of this unfolding story rests with us all. Embrace it, and fight for it, and know that you did your part.