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When Asked About Hateful Rhetoric At McCain Events, Rick Davis Screams “POW!”

This morning on "Faux News Sunday," Chris Wallace asked Rick Davis about the rabid wingnut crazies, also known as the GOP base, screaming "kill him!" and "terrorist!" and "bomb Obama!" at unaffiliated right wing protests official McPalin campaign events.

His explanation? McSame was a POW. Really.

Davis also hilariously demanded an Obama apology for John Lewis’ comments.

So to recap: the POW is not responsible for things his running mate says or his supporters say — or anyone who introduces him — at his campaign events. But Obama’s responsible for everyone everywhere who says mean things about McSame. And did we mention that McSame was a POW?

As their campaign swirls down the electoral toilet, the McPalin people have moved well beyond chutzpah and into delusional self-parody. 

It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

(video via hidnusr)

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