Take a look at this footage by Keystoneprogress.org of the idiot with the monkey doll that I posted about yesterday. Here he’s having a grand old time outside the Palin rally.

Waving the monkey doll with the Obama sticker around its head he says “This is little Hussein; little Hussein will deceive truth and good Americans.” (laughs with gusto). He then waves and taunts protestors at the Johnstown, PA Palin rally with the monkey.

Later, this bigot wasn’t nearly as boastful when he noticed that the MSM was videotaping him, then he took the sticker off. Too late, you SOB.

You know, the question I have is what are these people going to do if Obama wins? That scares me.

H/t Fritz, who found some additional knee-slappers from the Base.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding