Tomorrow I will attend the regular meeting of the Gay-Straight-Alliance at Chapel Hill High School here in NC.  I was invited by club advisor and chemistry teacher Alan Rissberger to stop by and gab about my life blogging on LGBT issues, what kind of support I’ve received — or been denied because I choose to live my life out of the closet.

I’m going there to learn about what life is like for young people in 2008 here in NC. There were no gay-straight alliances when I was in school, so I look forward to it. I will take video and pix (but of course have asked for parental releases to do so; some of the kids are in the GSA against their parents’ wishes).

Here’s a bit from the letter Alan Rissberger on the club:

I’ve been a club advisor/sponsor for the Chapel Hill High School Gay-Straight Alliance for several years now.  CHHS was the first high school in the state of North Carolina to have a GSA.  We have a dynamic group of kids involved this year.  They join us for a number of reasons; mostly they stay for the supportive environment that we attempt to offer.

My co-sponsor, Tom Greene, is a relatively new teacher who enjoys getting involved in local and national politics.  He brings his own unique story to the group, and has been a great influence on the kids, who need to see dynamic, gay and lesbian people in the community living “normal” lives with own partners/spouses and kids.

He also mentioned that I am “the kind of positive community role model these kids need to know about.” Don’t worry, I won’t get the swelled head about that one, but certainly sharing my personal experiences in life and on the blog are meant to help bring discussions about our issues out of the closet. That’s the power of the internet, and there are plenty of role models out there — including Blenders who choose to comment and share their stories as well. That said:

What would you like to know from the students in the GSA? Leave questions in the comments.

Here’s the CHHS GSA Facebook page.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding