Now this is exactly what you want from an impromptu system of justice:

A military prosecutor involved in war crimes cases here has quit his position, citing ethical concerns about his office’s failure to turn over exculpatory material to attorneys for an Afghan detainee scheduled to go to trial in December.

Army Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld, a reservist, who declined to be interviewed, filed a declaration with a military court here Wednesday, laying out his concerns about the case and procedures in the military prosecutor’s office, according to defense attorneys.

"My ethical qualms about continuing to serve as a prosecutor relate primarily to the procedures for affording defense counsel discovery," wrote Vandeveld in his filing. "I am highly concerned, to the point that I believe I can no longer serve as a prosecutor at the Commissions, about the slipshod, uncertain ‘procedure’ for affording defense counsel discovery."

 I remember when last year a bunch of liberal national-security types were concerned that the scheduled fall 2008 trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other GTMO detainees would be a huge political problem for Democrats. Funny how events can overtake so much.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman