Shorter Bill Kristol: McCain has better taste in movies than Obama, so elect him.

Seriously, that’s what he came up with for this week’s editorial. Kristol does, however, ask a question:

For all his talk of hope and change, when has Barack Obama ever shown a willingness to break with liberal orthodoxy or Democratic dogma? What bold decision has he taken, what unpopular idea has he embraced?

Asked and answered:

I suppose one could quibble that opposing the war isn’t really breaking with Democratic dogma, but that would ignore the Democratic politics of 2002, when the party acquiesced to the war and did all it could to silence its antiwar voices. As a bold decision and an unpopular idea, opposing the Iraq war in 2002 is irrefutable, vindicated in a way that nothing the Weekly Standard publishes ever will be. Of course, I say this as if Kristol is at all interested in intellectual honesty, so this is a fool’s errand.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman