Is McCain going to drag Michelle Obama into the smear campaign next?

We all know how low this sliming of Obama has been when it comes to the Bill Ayers garbage.  And it is not working and most people are getting turned off by it.  But during my late night surfing, I ran across this at TPM, McCain Campaign Now Attacks Michelle Obama Over Ayers.

The McCain campaign is now broadening its attack on Obama’s past association with William Ayers to include Michelle Obama — even though McCain has repeatedly said spouses should be off limits during the campaign.

The attack? Bernardine Dohrn, Ayers’ wife and fellow former Weatherman, went to work in 1984 for the major Chicago-based national law firm of Sidley & Austin, and three years later, Michelle joined the mega-firm as well.

Continued after the jump.  Now I know this article was posted late Friday afternoon, and while I am getting bombarded with political ads here in Denver, Colorado, most are attack ads by McCain regarding lies about Obama’s taxes and the other old stuff, I haven’t seen any new attacks.

 But here is the basis for the attack,

The attack on Michelle came on a McCain conference call with reporters this afternoon featuring John Murtagh, who has been hitting Obama over the Weather Underground’s attack on his family’s home back in 1970. Murtagh noted that Dohrn and Michelle Obama had both worked at the firm starting in the late 1980s.

Here we go again, seems like they are grabbing for straws.  TPM has a recording of the conference call between the McCain campaign, Two other guys making the assuptions and some press people including Fox News.  I am sure Hannity will be all over it.  Here is the link to the TPM story.

 It looks like the sleaze from Fox News and Hannity is going to continue.

 But I decided to add a poll because McCain has said spouses and children are off limits, Cindy McCain: Families of candidates not fair game.

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