Yesterday's Washington Post had an interesting article about Palin – and how 'the simple hockey mom from Alaska' seemed to have gotten into the national spotlight – and it's not exactly what you would expect from a 'simple hockey mom' – she used one of them PR consulants – you betcha.  Not a DC firm, but 'East Coast intellectuals' from Boston nevetheless.

PR Consultant Helped Palin Grab Spotlight (or here)
During her first months in office, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin kept a relatively light schedule on her workdays in Juneau, making ceremonial appearances at sports events and funerals, meeting with state lawmakers, and conducting interviews with Alaska magazines, radio stations and newspapers.

That sounds like a hockey mom, who tries to combine family and doing a good job in office at the same time.  But then, co-incidentally a couple of months before the GOP started to look for a VP candidate, something happened…




Sarah became more involved:

But this spring, Palin's official calendar chronicles an extraordinary rise to national prominence. A fresh face in Republican politics, she was discovered by the national news media at least in part because of a determined effort by a state agency to position her as an oil and gas expert who could tout Alaska's determined effort to construct a natural gas pipeline.

And luckily, she didn't even have to pay – Alaska tax payers did – the $31,000 fee for the PR agency was paid for by the Department of Natural Resources.

Very interesting piece of news, that should be more widely known which puts the whole 'those politicians in DC' spiel into a different light.  Marcia Brier, who's PR agency took care of the topic, doesn't seem to be so hockey-momish, looks rather like very professional political campaigning to me.

So, seems like even the whole Hockey Mom BS is starting to fall apart.  Hopefully – and rightfully – so.



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